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Birds of Our Area

Platalea ajajaWe are proud to exclaim that as of Nov 2011, 212 bird species have been formally documented in our region through the efforts of UAM Biology Professor Alejandro Melendez and his Biology Students. We expect more birds will be documented in the future so do expect changes.
Below you will find a reliable list of birds you may encounter in the region of El Refugio, Laguna de Potosi, Playa Blanca and surrounds.

This list has been complied by Marco Reyes as part of his Biology Thesis under the supervision of Professor Alejandro Melendez.  We invite you to print the list as a reference guide to help you plan your bird watching experience.
We are interested in receiving  high quality photos of birds to add to our web site. We ask that you submit one photo, with the bird identified and your permission to use the photo as needed in our field guides, web site, ecological park, e cards…etc.  You will be given credit for your photos.  We cannot guarantee that all photos will be used.

Additional information:
Birding Guerrero, Mexico: The Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Area and the Sierra Madre del Sur

By Nick Lethaby and Brad Waggoner

Happy Birding!


STATUS ABUNDANCE (In proper habitat and season)

Birds AVES / BIRDS  
                                                                    RIESGO / RISK – ENDÉMICO / ENDEMIC

° Listada en la NOM-059 2010 / listed on the NOM-059 2010 as at risk, protected or endangered
* Especie endemica / endemic to this region

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Grupo Especie Nombre Español English Common
Status Abund-
Diet Habitat
Ducks   Dendrocygna autumnalis Pijije alablanca         Black-bellied Whistling-Duck R C Grain Fruit L
  Anas discors Cerceta alazul           Blue-winged Teal M F Grain Fruit L
  Anas crecca Cerceta alaverde Green -winged Teal M F Grain Fruit L
  Anas cyanoptera Cerceta canela Cinnamon Teal M F Grain Fruit L
  Anas clypeata Pato cucharón norteño    Northern Shoveler M F Grain Fruit L
  Anas americana Pato chalcuán American Wigeon M F Grain Fruit L
  Anas acuta Pato golondrino Northern Pintail M F Grain Fruit L
Chachalacas   Ortalis poliocephala* Chachalaca pálida* West Mexican Chachalaca* R C Grain Fruit PL
Loons   Gavia immer Colimbo mayor Common Loon M R Carnivore S
Grebes   Tachybaptus dominicus° Zambullidor menor° Least Grebe° R F Carnivore AMPHIBIANS L
  Podylimbus podiceps Zambullidor pico grueso Pied-billed Grebe R F Carnivore AMPHIBIANS L
Pelicans   Pelecanus occidentalis Pelícano pardo           Brown Pelican R C Carnivore L, M, S, P
  Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Pelícano blanco          American-white Pelican M C Carnivore L, M
Tropicbird   Phaethon aethereus° Rabijunco pico-rojo°      Red-billed Tropicbird° T F Carnivore S
Boobies   Sula dactylatra Bobo enmascarado         Masked Booby R R Carnivore S
  Sula leucogaster Bobo café                Brown Booby R C Carnivore S, P, L
  Sula sula Bobo pata roja           Red-footed Booby R R Carnivore S
  Sula nebouxii ° Bobo pata zul°             Blue-footed Booby° R R Carnivore S
Cormorant   Phalacrocorax brasilianus Cormorán oliváceo        Neotropic Cormorant R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects L,M
Anhinga   Anhinga anhinga Anhinga americana        Anhinga R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects L, M
Frigatebird   Fregata magnificens Fragata magnífica        Magnificent Frigatebird R C Carnivore L, S, P
Herons   Ardea herodias Garza morena          Great Blue Heron° M F Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Ardea alba Garza blanca             Great Egret R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M, P
  Egretta thula Garceta pie-dorado       Snowy Egret R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M. P
  Egretta caerulea Garceta azul Little Blue Heron R F Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Egretta rufescens° Garceta rojiza  °         Reddish Egret° R R Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Egretta tricolor Garceta tricolor         Tricolored Heron R F Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Nycticorax nycticorax Pedrete corona-negra     Black-crowned
R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Nyctanassa violacea Pedrete corona-clara     Yellow-crowned
R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Butorides virescens Garceta verde            Green Heron R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore M
  Bubulcus ibis Garza ganadera Cattle Egret R C Insects C
  Cochlearius cochlearius Garza cucharón Boat-billed Heron R F Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L
Ibis and
  Plegadis chihi Ibis cara-blanca         White-faced Ibis M C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L,
  Eudocimus albus Ibis blanco              White Ibis R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
  Platalea ajaja Espátula rosada          Roseate Spoonbill R C Carnivore AMPHIBIANS Insects Carnivore L, M
Stork   Mycteria americana° Cigüeña americana°        Wood Stork° R C Carnivore Insects Carnivore L, M
New World
  Coragyps atratus Zopilote común Black Vulture R C Carnivore SB, PL,M,
  Cathartes aura Zopilote aura Turkey Vulture R C Carnivore SB, PL, M, P, MX
Hawks   Pandion haliaetus Gavilán pescador Osprey T F Carnivore L
  Circus cyaneus Gavilán rastrero         Northern Harrier M F Carnivore PL, C
  Caracara plancus Caracara quebrantahuesos Crested Caracara R C Carnivore SB
  Micrastur semitorquatus° Halcon selvatico Collarejo° Collared Forest Falcon° R R Carnivore SB
  Buteo magnirostris Aguililla caminera       Roadside Hawk R F Carnivore PL
  Buteo nitidus Aguililla gris Gray Hawk R F Carnivore SB
  Buteo brachyurus Aguililla cola-corta     Short-tailed Hawk R F Carnivore PL, SB
  Buteo swainsoni° Aguililla de swainson°    Swainson´s Hawk° T F Carnivore C, SB
  Buteo platypterus° Aguililla ala ancha° Broad-winged Hawk° M F Carnivore SB, C
  Buteo albonotatus° Aguililla aura° Zone-tailed Hawk° M C Carnivore SB, PL
  Buteogallus anthracinus ° Aguililla negra menor° Common Black Hawk° R C Carnivore SB
Falcons   Falco sparverius Cernícalo americano      American Kestrel M F Carnivore PL
  Falco peregrinus° Halcón peregrino °        Peregrine Falcon° M R Birds Carnivore Reptiles S
Rails and
  Aramides axilaris° Rascon cuello rufo° Rufous-necked Wood Rail° R R Grains Insects M
  Porphyrio martinica° Gallineta morada° Purple Gallinule° R R Grains Insects L
  Gallinula chloropus Gallineta frente roja Common Moorhen R F Grains Insects L
  Fulica americana Gallareta americana      American Coot R F Grains Insects L
Stilts and
  Himantopus mexicanus Candelero americano      Black-necked Stilt R C Insects L
  Recurvirostra americana Avoceta americana American Avocet M F Insects L
Jacanas   Jacana spinosa Jacana norteña           Northern Jacana R C Insects L
Plovers   Charadrius alexandrinus Chorlo nevado Snowy Plover R F Insects L
  Charadrius vociferus Chorlo tildío            Killdeer R C Insects L
  Charadrius wilsonia Chorlo pico grueso Wilson´s Plover R F Insects L
  Charadrius semipalmatus Chorlo semipalmeado Semipalmated Plover R F Insects L
  Actitis macularia Playero alzacolita Spotted Sandpiper M F Insects L
Sandpipers   Tringa melanoleuca Patamarilla mayor Greater Yellowlegs M F Insects L, P
  Tringa flavipes Patamarilla menor Lesser Yellowlegs M F Insects L, P
  Tringa semipalmatus Playero pihuiui Willet R F Insects L ,P
  Numenius phaeopus Zarapito trinador        Whimbrel M F Insects P
  Numenius americanus Zarapito pico largo      Long-billed Curlew M F Insects P
  Limosa fedoa Picopando canelo Marbled Godwit R F Insects P
  Limnodromus scolopaceus Costurero pico largo Long-billed Dowitcher M C Insects P
  Calidris minutilla Playero chichicuilote    Least Sandpiper M F Insects L
Gulls, Terns
and Skimmers
  Leucophaeus atricilla Gaviota reidora Laughing Gull M C Carnivore P, PL
  Leucophaeus pipixcan Gaviota de Franklin Franklin´s Gull M C Carnivore P,L
  Hydroprogne caspia Charrán caspia           Caspian Tern M F Carnivore Insects L,P
  Sterna forsteri Charrán de forster       Forster´s Tern M F Carnivore Insects P
  Sterna antillarum Charrán minimo Least Tern R F Carnivore Insects L,P
  Thalasseus maximus Charrán real             Royal Tern R F Carnivore Insects L, P
  Thalasseus elegans Charrán elegante Elegant Tern M F Carnivore Insects L, P
  Rynchops niger Rayador americano        Black Skimmer M F Carnivore Insects L, P
Doves   Columba livia Paloma domestica Rock dove R C Grains P
  Zenaida asiatica Paloma alablanca         White-winged Dove M C Grains Fruit P, M,MX
  Zenaida macroura Paloma huilota Mourning Dove M F Grains SB,C
  Columbina inca Tórtola cola larga Inca Dove R C Grains P, SB ,C,
  Columbina passerina Tórtola coquita Common Ground-Dove R C Grains SB,C
  Columbina talpacoti Tórtola rojiza           Ruddy Ground-Dove R F Grains SB,C
  Leptotila verreauxi Paloma arroyera White-tipped Dove R R Grains Fruit SB,MX
New World
  Amazona albifrons° Loro frente blanca° White-fronted Parrot° R R Fruit C
  Amazona finschi° Loro corona lila° Lilac-crowned parrot° R R Fruit C, SB
  Aratinga canicularis° Perico frente naranja° Orange fronted parakeet° R R Fruit C, SB
Cuckoos   Piaya cayana Cuclillo canela Squirrel Cuckoo R F Insects Plants SB, C
  Morococcyx erythropygus Cuclillo terrestre       Lesser Ground-cuckoo R F Insects SB
  Crotophaga sulcirostris Garrapatero pijuy Groove-billed Ani R C Insects Fruit P, PL,C
Motmots   Momotus mexicanus* Momoto Coronicafe* Russet-Crowned Motmot* R R Insects Fruit SB
Barn owl   Tyto alba Lechuza de Campanario Barn Owl R C Carnivore SB
Typical Owl   Bubo virginianus Buho Cornudo Great Horned owl R R Carnivore SB
  Glaucidium brasilianum Tecolote bajeño          Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl R C Carnivore PL
  Glaucidium palmarun° Tecolote colimense° Colima Pygmy-Owl° R C Carnivore PL
  Strix virgata (Ciccaba virgata) Búho café Mottled Owl R F Carnivore SB
Nighthawks   Chordeiles minor Chotacabras zumbón       Common Nighthawk T C Insects SB
  Chordeiles acutipennis Chotacabras menor Lesser Nighthawk R C Insects PL, SB
Hummingbirds   Lampornis clemenciae Colibrí garganta azul Blue-Throated Hummingbird R C Insects Nectar SB
  Cynanthus latirostris Colibrí pico ancho Broad-billed Hummingbird R C Insects Nectar PL, SB,
  Cynanthus doubledayi* Colibrí costeño* Doubleday´s Hummingbird* R C Insects Nectar SB
  Amazilia beryllina viola Colibri de Berilo Berylline Hummingbird R R Insects Nectar C,SB, MX
  Amazilia rutila Colibrí canela           Cinnamon Hummingbird R C Insects Nectar C,SB, MX
  Amazilia violiceps Colibrí corona violeta Violet-crowned Hummingbird R F Insects Nectar SB, MX
  Amazilia viridifrons Colibri Corona verde Green Fronted Hummngbird R R Insects Nectar SB, C
  Hylocharis leucotis Zafiro oreja blanca White-eared Hummingbird R C Insects Nectar SB
  Phaethornis longirostris Ermitano Mexicano Long Billed Hermit R R Insects Nectar SB, C
  Heliomaster constantii Picolargo Coronioscuro Plain-capped Starthroat R F Insects Nectar SB, C
  Anthracothorax prevostii Mango Pechiverde Green Breasted Mango R F Insects Nectar SB,C
  Chlorostilbon auriceps Esmeralda Mexicana Golden crowned  (Fork Tailed) Emerald R F Insects Nectar SB,C
  Archilochus colubris Colibri Gorjirrubi Ruby-Throated Hummingbird M F Insects Nectar SB,C
  Archilochus alexandri Colibrí barba negra Black-chinned Hummingbird M F Insects Nectar C
Trogons   Trogon citreolus* Trogón citrino*           Citreoline Trogon* R C Insects Fruit PL, L
Kingfishers   Megaceryle alcyon Martín-pescador norteño  Belted Kingfisher M F Fish L, M
  Megaceryle torquata Martín-pescador de collar Ringed Kingfisher R C Fish L, SB,M
  Chloroceryle americana Martín-pescador verde Green Kingfisher M F Fish L
Woodpeckers   Melanerpes chrysogenys* Carpintero enmascarado* Golden-cheeked Woodpecker* R C Insects PL, M,SB,
  Dryocopus lineatus Carpintero lineado Lineated Woodpecker R F Insects C
Tyrant-flycatcher   Camptostoma imberbe Mosquero lampiño         Northern Beardless Tyrannulet R F Insects SB
  Empidonax hammondii Mosquero de Hammond Hammond´s Flycatcher M F Insects PL
  Empidonax minimus Mosquero minimo Least Flycatcher M F Insects PL, SB
  Pyrocephalus rubinus Mosquero cardenal Vermilion Flycatcher R C Insects M, SB,MX
  Myiopagis viridicata Elenia verdosa Greenish Elaenia R F Insects SB
  Myiarchus nuttingi Papamoscas de nutting    Nutting´s Flycatcher R F Insects C, SB
  Myiarchus tyrannulus Papamoscas tirano Brown-crested Flycatcher R C Insects MX
  Myiarchus cinerascens Papamoscas cenizo        Ash-throated Flycatcher M F Insects SB
  Myiarchus tubiculifer Papamoscas triste Dusky-capped Flycatcher R C Insects SB
  Myiozetetes similis Luis gregario Social Flycatcher R C Insects C,SB
  Tyrannus melancholichus Tirano tropical Tropical Kingbird R C Insects PL, SB,C
  Tyrannus crassirostris Tirano pico grueso Thick-billed Kingbird R C Insects SB, C
  Pitangus sulphuratus Luis bienteveo           Great Kiskadee R C Insects PL,SB
Vireos   Vireo bellii Vireo de bell Bell´s Vireo M F Insects SB
  Vireo hypochryseus* Vireo dorado* Golden Vireo* R R Insects MX
  Vireo gilvus Vireo gorjeador          Warbling Vireo M F Insects SB
  Vireo cassini Vireo de Cassin Cassin´s Vireo M R Insects SB
  Vireo huttoni Vireo reyerzuelo Hutton´s Vireo M F Insects SB
Jays   Calocitta formosa Urraca-hermosa cara blanca White-throated Magpie-Jay R C Fruit SB, PL
Swallows   Stelgidopteryx serripennis Golondrina aliaserrada Northern Rough-winged Swallow R C Insects L,
Wrens   Campylorhynchus rufinucha Matraca nuca rufa        Rufous-naped Wren R C Insects SB
  Uropsila leucogastra Chivirín vientre blanco White-bellied Wren R C Insects SB, PL,C
Thrushes   Turdus rufopalliatus* Mirlo dorso rufo* Rufous-backed Robin* R C Insects Fruit C
  Catharus ustulatus Zorzal de Swainson Swainson´s Thrush M R Insects Plants SB
Mockingbirds   Mimus polyglottos Centzontle norteño Northern Mockingbird R R Insects Plants SB
Gnatcatchers   Polioptila caerulea Perlita azul-gris Blue-gray Gnatcatcher M F Insects SB, C
Wood Warblers   Oreothlypis ruficapilla Chipe de coronilla Nashville Warbler M F Insects Fruit SB
  Setophaga petechia
(Dendroica petechia)
Chipe amarillo           Yellow Warbler M F Insects SB, C,PL
  Setophaga coronata
(Dendroica coronata)
Chipe coronado Yellow-rumped Warbler M F Insects SB
  Mniotilta varia Chipe trepador Black and White Warbler M F Insects SB
  Setophaga ruticilla Chipe flameante American Redstart M F Insects SB
  Parkesia noveboracensis Chipe charquero          Northern Waterthrush M F Insects M, MX
  Geothlypis trichas Mascarita común Common Yellowthroat M R Insects SB, MX
  Geothlypis poliocephala Mascarita pico grueso Gray-crowned Yellowthroat R R Insects SB, MX
  Geothlypis tolmiei °
(Oporornis tolmiei)
Chipe detolmie °         MacGillivray´s Warbler ° M F Insects SB
  Cardellina pusilla
(Wilsonia pusilla)
Chipe corona negra Wilson´s Warbler M F Insects SB
  Icteria virens Buscabreña Yellow-breasted Chat M R Insects C
Sparrows   Volaitina jacarina Semillero brincador Blue-black Grassquit R F Grains C
  Euphonia afinnis Eufonia garganta negra Scrub Euphonia R F Insects Fruit SB
  Sporophila torqueola Semillero de collar White-collared Seedeater R R Grains Insects C
  Aimophila ruficauda Zacatonero corona rayada Stripe-headed Sparrow R F Insects PL,SB
and Buntings
  Cardinalis cardinalis Cardenal rojo            Northern Cardinal R C Grains Plants SB, MX,
  Passerina leclancherii* Colorín pecho naranja*    Orange-breasted Bunting* R F Grains SB
  Passerina caerulea Picogordo azul Blue Grosbeak R F Grains Insects SB
  Passerina ciris° Colorín siete colores° Painted Bunting° M R Grains Insects SB
  Passerina cyanea Colorín azul Indigo Bunting M F Grains Insects SB
and Orioles
  Quiscalus mexicanus Zanate mexicano          Great-tailed Grackle R C Grains Insects P, PL,
  Molothrus ater Tordo cabeza café        Brown-headed Cowbird M C Grains Insects P, SB, PL
  Icterus spurius Bolsero castaño          Orchard oriole M F Grains Insects SB
  Icterus pustulatus Bolsero dorso rayado Streak-backed Oriole R F Grains Insects SB
  Icterus cucullatus Bolsero encapuchado Hooded Oriole M F Grains Insects SB
  Icterus wagleri Bolsero de Wagler Black-vented Oriole R C Grains Insects SB
  Cacicus melanicterus* Caciquemexicano*         Yellow-winged Cacique* R C Grains Insects SB, C, MX

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