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Birds of Our Area

We are proud to exclaim that as of Nov 2011, 212 bird species have been formally documented in our region through the efforts of UAM Professor of Biology Alejandro Melendez Herrada and his biology students. We expect more birds will be documented in the future so do expect changes.

Below you will find a reliable gallery of birds you may encounter in the region of El Refugio, Laguna de Potosi, Playa Blanca and surrounds. We are interested in receiving  high quality photos of birds to add to our web site. We ask that you submit one photo, with the bird identified and your permission to use the photo as needed in our field guides, web site, ecological park, e cards…etc.  You will be given credit for your photos.  We cannot guarantee that all photos will be used.

Additional information:
Birding Guerrero, Mexico: The Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Area and the Sierra Madre del Sur

By Nick Lethaby and Brad Waggoner

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° Listed on the NOM-059 2010 as at risk, protected or endangered

* Endemic to this region

Macho = Male
Hembra = Female

Each image has the scientific, Spanish and English names and can be clicked through as a gallery.

Click on the image to enlarge. Click on the left side of the image to move backwards, the right side to move forward.

Pelecanus occidentalis
Pelecanus occidentalis

Pelícano pardo
Brown Pelican

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Platalea ajaja
Platalea ajaja
Espátula rosada
Roseate Spoonbill

Sula leucogaster
Sula leucogaster
Bobo café  juvenil
Brown Booby Juvenile

Sula leucogaster
Egretta thula
Garceta pie-dorado 
Snowy Egret













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