El Refugio De Potosí – A Center for Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Education



  1. Create a private, not for profit, ecological park.
    - Develop and construct habitat displays and reproductive spaces.
  2. In Construction:
    - Butterfly exhibition house and breeding facility
  3. Future Construction:
    - Night house (bats)
    - Herpetarium (reptiles)
    - Small mammal burrows
    - Crocodile habitat
    - Endangered bird breeding facility
    - Student intern housing
    - Native plant nursery
  4. Attract local fauna to El Refugio de Potosí by providing water features, food, nectar plants and safety from human predators.
  5. Establish and plant botanical gardens that feature:
    - Native Species
    - Introduced Tropical Species
  6. Collect and propagate native plant species. Encourage use and conservation by establishing an on-site, native plant nursery.
  7. Develop agricultural ventures with the local community for plant production needed for butterfly breeding, iguana feeding and propagation for botanical gardens and native plant nursery.
  8. Develop a tour guide training program.
  9. Provide guided kayak tours of the adjacent lagoon to view mangroves, reptiles and bird populations.
  10. Construct a Visitor Center with space for interactive displays, exhibits, school gatherings, lectures and conferences that will provide educational opportunities for learning about the biodiversity and life cycles of targeted regional species.
  11. Develop relationships with local schools to enhance curriculum and provide learning experiences at El Refugio de Potosí
  12. Construct hostel style housing for students and volunteers.
  13. Establish relationships with university programs to promote research projects related to the mission of El Refugio de Potosí.
  14. Design and implement a marketing plan to attract tourists, volunteers, donations and grants to El Refugio de Potosí to ensure sustainability.
  15. You can help with these projects and more. Please visit our Participation page and get involved!

You can help with these projects and more. Please visit our Participation page and get involved!


Our Mission
Conservation of the flora and fauna of the coastal, tropical dry forest region near Zihuatanejo, Jose Azueta, Guerrero, Mexico.

Increase the awareness and appreciation of the life cycle of the tropical dry forest and of native species in the region of Barra de Potosí, Guerrero, Mexico, through preservation, exhibition, reproduction, education and research.



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